Sergio Magaña

2012 - 2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun, The Path of Quetzalcoatl


Is the world coming to an end in 2012? According to the Mexica calendar, which is less known than the Mayan calendar, but dates back to the same period, this is actually not the case. The calendar carries on for another 13,250 years, and describes some cycles of time bigger than the ones mentioned in the Mayan version. These cycles are based upon the revolution of our Sun around the Pleiades, and are formed by smaller cycles called “the Suns”, each lasting 6,625 years. During the transition from one sun to the other, i.e.: from one cosmic configuration to another, the influence of both suns is equally present for a ... 


Author: Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl)

ISBN: 9788897951667

Pages: 176 b/w + 4 full color



Matteo Rizzato and Davide Donelli

I Am Your Mirror - Mirror Neurons and Empathy


Mirror Neurons are one of the most extraordinary discoveries of contemporary neuroscience. They explain, on a scientific level, why we understand other people’s behavior to a deep degree. They were discovered by Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, who wrote the preface to this book... Read more


Authors: Matteo Rizzato and Davide Donelli

ISBN: 9788897951674

Pages: 122 b/w



Silvia Di Luzio

Start with the Heart - A new medical model



An established cardiologist, sensitive to medicine’s current needs, explains how the answer may come literally... from the heart. Today, medicine itself and the concepts of both “health” and “treatment” must be revisited from a different standpoint, where the patient is not simply a machine, but the interconnection between body and spirit. The author presents an extraordinary record of various case histories through which she has personally verified this interconnection, showing how the physical side has healed by working with the spiritual aspect. As part of the overall picture, the heart is not just an effective and powerful symbol of a well-organized society, but it also represents the meeting point for both body and emotions, due to physiological reasons. This therefore makes the heart the key towards reaching a new concept of total healing. The book is accompanied by a supporting review of the latest news and publications related to this new healing concept; a field in which the author has trained very thoroughly.

Author: Silvia Di Luzio

ISBN: 9788897951650

Pages: 98 b/w



Emilia Costa, MD and Daniela Muggia

The Impact of Empathy - A New Approach to Working with ADHD

Children (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)


ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and children diagnosed with it are often subjected to heavy and risky therapies based on psychopharmacological drugs. What if there were another, non-invasive, way to help them?  Read more...


Authors: Emilia Costa, MD and Daniela Muggia

ISBN: 9788897951681

Pages: 184 b/w



Daniela Abravanel

The Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet

The study of the inner meanings of words and the creative power of the letters is the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition, the Kabbalah. The Jewish Oral Tradition teaches that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are vessels that channel God’s powerful spiritual energy for creating the world. In other words, God created the world with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which were pronounced within 10 statements, in order to create all of existence: time, space, light, stars: “Let there be light, and there was light… ; Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters… ; Let there be lights in the firmament…” These letters are the “bricks” of creation that translate Divine will into reality. However, the creation process did not only occur in the past. God is continually creating and thereby intimately involved with the world every moment.

ISBN: 978-8897951421 ePub, 978-8897951469  ePDF

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