Fairies’ Keys by Gabriella Delfante

You can achieve greater awareness in many different ways. Sometimes all that's needed is a key . . . a word . . . to take a step forward. And that step can be light and merry, which is why this game is named after the Fairies; thought by some to be joyful symbols of our subtle world. With the Fairies cards, inspired by Assagioli's approach to psychosynthesis, you will work with the key words of the great traditions. These words are a bridge between humans and powerful, thousands of years-old thought forms; for example, the Buddhist “transformation” and its synonym, the Alchemical “transmutation”.

Use the cards to redirect your reactions and feelings. The key word of a chosen card may very well solve the problem you chose to sort out through the deck. If you can bring to the deck lightness and humor . . . as well as perserverance and a little leap of faith . . . you might just enjoy some of the behind-the-scenes work of the fairies in your life.

Throughout the ages, light-bearers have kept alive the seeds of wisdom in these words.May each small, positive fruit of this game benefit all sentient beings.

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