Secrets of the Hebrew Alphabet by Daniela Abravanel
The study of the inner meanings of words and the creative power of the letters is the heart of the Jewish esoteric tradition, the Kabbalah. The Jewish Oral Tradition teaches that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are vessels that channel God’s powerful spiritual energy for creating the world. In other words, God created the world with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet...


Water for Unity - Working with Water Memory to Heal the World by Masaru Emoto, Sandra Ingerman, Sobonfu Some, Lynne McTaggart, Sergio Manaña (Ocelocoyotl) 

A collection of short essays from 17 very well-known authors who have a solid scientific background or renown within their ancestral traditions. What they have in common is that each one, within their discipline, is aiming to use water’s molecular structure and memory to improve our world. This book is connected to a worldwide movement which is going to organize at least four significant worldwide events during 2015 and 2016.



Upcoming books

Paw in Hand Until the End - Empathic and Palliative Care at the End of Life for Pets by Daniela Muggia and Stefano Cattinelli

A vet and a thanatologist answer to the most significant question we have to face when we have a pet: how can we take care of our best friend when it is time for them to go? 157 million US families share their lives with a pet: a close, enriching relationship of love. But what happens when our pet friend’s life comes to an end? 

Dermoreflexology - How To Talk With Our Unconscious Through Our Skin by Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Giuseppe Calligaris, a brilliant Italian doctor and scientist, made an extraordinary discovery: the skin of the entire human body is mapped with little areas, or dots (which he called “patches”) through which one specific area of the unconscious mind could be stimulated, for either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Fifty years after his death, two researchers have verified and updated his research study, and have combined it with the recent findings from the world of psychology, thus giving birth to a new subject: dermoreflexology.  




The books we publish support and further an understanding that we are all connected, that we can live together with a spirit of cooperation and care for each other and our world. We see that the human spirit has immense potential and we intend to provide books that are a resource and inspiration for growth. Our goal is to reach out and touch as many lives as possible and convey a message of hope and possibility. 

Behind each of our books lie many hours of enthusiastic work, great care, and thorough investigation, commencing with the choice of which titles to publish. Our reading committee goes through a meticulous translation and research process that brings forth not only the content of each book, but also delivers love and dedication in its fruition.

We hope you feel the love in our books and pass it along to others.




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