Welcome to BLOSSOMINGBOOKS, the English-Title division of Edizioni Amrita, Italy. 


Since 1986, we have been publishing quality books ranging from Metaphysical to Memoir, Spirituality, Shamanism, Indigenous Wisdom, Dream Work, Death and Dying, Meditation, Healing, Health and Alternative Therapies, Science and Spirituality (No Fiction, Poetry or Channelling).







The Author/submitter must provide:
1. A finished manuscript/book, with page numbers on every page.
2. A synopsis.
3. Your bio/credentials. What makes you an expert on this topic?
4. A glossary, if needed.
5. Market research, answering the following questions:
i. What niche does your book fit into, for example, Shamanism?
ii. What similar kinds of books are out there (but are not exactly the same)?
iii. How is your offering unique? How does it improve or enhance what’s currently being offered on this topic?
iv. Sales data, titles, and authors for competing books (if possible).

Send submissions via email to: submissions@blossomingbooks.com